Mine.Tan Salon POS Marketing Pack


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• 1 x Client Loyalty Cards - 50 Pack $19.00 each

• 1 x 'Picture Perfect' Client DL Brochure - 50 Pack $19.00 each 

• 1 x Client Consultation Cards - 50 Pack $19.00 each

• 1 x Mine.Tan Salon Poster Pack - 5 Pack $19.00 each

TOTAL VALUE: $76.00 SAVE 30% 

Irregardless of the size of your business, it is important to take a professional approach to every spray tan service you perform.

By being able to offer materials such as client loyalty cards or consultation forms, you take your business to the next level in professionalism the eyes of your clientele.
We understand the importance of marketing your business as much as ours, and offer a full range of promotional material to support your salon, and help promote the entire MineTan range. We know that your success is our success, lets share together and grow together.
If you have any special marketing ideas we would be delighted to help support your business, please contact our business experts and let's discuss your ideas!